Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspirational Poems for Woman : For my best friend

Inspirational Poems for Woman : For my best friend

At the time we enjoy the togetherness
Many things simply pass by
Fun, laughter and joke-laughter
Everything just flows so

Time that was available
Seems not to be able to
Time was so fast passed by
Ran as did not want to stop

All memories that did not feel anymore
Leave all the excitement
Fun, laughter and derisive joke
One by one the memories lost a glance
There is a smile when remember that

Where that happiness must go?
Not the direction of the foot steps?
When all this can be repeated again?
Will we never meet again?

Best Friends of ...
All that we done.. go…
Day by day, time after time
When we are all through together

Many things that have occurred
Because it is a liturgy of life we have
Sometimes hate, annoyed and disappointed
Also fun, respect and pity

Truly amazing what we have trough together
Is this invaluable gift from God?
That often we never grateful?

Oh my Lord… protect them I love

by : Inspirational Poems for Woman

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