Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspirational Poems for Woman : Always in Love

"Honey, I love you!" Today it is somehow for my husband said that with soft near of my ear, but he also through SMS when he still in the office. Usually I’ll be respond directly, I love you too, dear. Thank you for being my husband.

I am aware, I'm not pretty, graceful woman who like a queen, also not a rich woman. Although I am only a normal female, thanks God given me a man who is wise, very humble and love me a lot.
My mother has some advices, there are four things we should look to create the world of heaven in our family. Besides becoming a good mother in educating our children.

First, we should give husband a satisfaction in bed. Bed space is the most privacy between wife and husband. Therein husband usually analyze fatigue after working all day. Bed is also a place where the husband and wife is usually the intent their sexsual. A Wife should prepared and arranged bed become comfort, good, clean and fragrant. A Wife need to understand the sexual needs of her husband.

Second, create your home become beauty, clean and comfort for the whole family, with full artistic and maintain the property in it. Home that do not necessarily create great tranquility and peace.

Third, educate, support and protect your children. Children is a trust, children is a gift, children is the investment, children entertainment us, their parents. If our children clean, healthy, smart is longed for their parents.

Fourth, forgive each other. The Couple comes from two different families, different habits and customs also different nature. Both are not perfect beings who never wrong. Both have the same deficiency. Apologize and forgive her husband and does not discuss past mistakes that have been will create intimate relation again.

Well do the best from you, and see what will receive then, a husband will not be thinking about another woman if his wife is able to display all this. Creating a fresh and happier atmosphere and hope God will always blessing our marriage.

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