Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inspirational Poems for Woman : A complicated wife and a simple husband

It's about the different gender between female and male, funny, interesting and true...

Inspirational Poems for Woman about Wife Diary :

Sunday Night - he has seen strange
Previously we promised to meet at the cafe. I have a whole day shopping with friends, so that he may be annoyed because I am a bit late to the cafe but he said doesn’t matter.

He spoke with reluctantly, possibly angry with me so I proposed to go to a little quiet place that can make us more comfortable, he still weird, still so silent and just like a distance between us.
I was very worried, I asked what’s wrong – he answered “nothing”. I asked whether my mistake make him annoyed, he said “This is no relation with you” and said “don’t worried” still with the strange style.

In the way to go home, I said “I love you”, he smiled stiff and continued not to care. GOD!!
I can not explain his reaction this afternoon, why he didn’t think to reply “I love you also”.
When we at home, I felt losing him, I felt he did not want me anymore, he just sit and watched TV quietly, seen so far and suddenly disappeared.

Finally I decided to sleep, about 30 minutes later he followed me to our room, I could not hold anymore, I decided to ask him for matter of fact but he was immediately asleep.
I started crying until I sleep. I don’t know what should I do. My life was felt like a doomsday.

Inspirational Poems for woman about Husband Diary :

Real Madrid lost!! Damm..!

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