Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspirational Poems for Woman : Wise Advice About Love

Inspirational Poems for Woman say....

Don't ever say goodbye if you were still want to try. Don't ever surrendered if you still feel you could. Don't ever say “I’m not love you anymore” if you could not be still forgetting him.

The love came to the person who still was having hope although they were disappointed. To them that still believed, although they were betrayed. To them that still want to loved, although they were hurt beforehand and to them who had courage and the conviction to build again they belief.
Don't keep your love words to the dearest person till he died, because finally you were forced your love words on his grave. On the other hand, you should said your love words now while he still beside you.. having his life.

Love indeed so easy. To be loved also indeed so easy too. But to be loved by the person who we love that had difficulty being received.

By Inspirational Poems for Woman

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