Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Woman with article about Don't be Sad - Part 2

Don't be sad, just enjoy the life, invested goodness, increased faith and distributed the affection. And felt the happiness.

If the rope became so tight, then it sign will be cut off. If the night was thick then darkness will immediately go. If a problem really has squeezed then his sign will immediately emerge the way out.

Think about the past was the ignorance and madness. The simile pounded flour or sawed wood dust.

Knew, that after the difficulty will have the ease and after the difficulty will have the way out. Knew that the situation someone will not continue to forever. The life will always move on.

Be sure that this world was the place of the ordeal, the exam, the challenge and the sadness. Because of that received the way it is and requested the Lord's help.

If you want to felt happy with the other person, then treated them by the same means like that you wanted to be treated. Don't underestimated and also should not humiliate.

Forgive the person who carried out tyranny against you.Give the person who once did not give you Be patient against the person who did wrong to you, certainly you will receive a happiness.

Received the form of your face, the talent, your life and the faily be accepting, certainly you will get peace and the happiness

Be friendly and give a smile to whosoever, undoubtedly you'd get love of their love and they also will respect you.

Fr.La Tahzan. By Aidh A.Q.

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