Friday, June 6, 2008

A Woman talk about 7 Prohibited Matter for Business Woman

Louis Frankel, a personal consultant and the career development, writing down a number of tips for woman which wish success by financial. From her book, Nice Girls Don'T Get Rich, following is 7 mistake which is often done/conducted by woman in money management.

Not Know Net Worth Amount
You require to count personal properties before starting to develop it.

Shy At To Specify Financial Goals
Owning goals early on, you have started to design the way of most effective to reach the target.

Blind of Financial Business
For success in your business, you have to know finances.

Only Pay Invoice
Don't be dozed to write cheque without learning part of expenditure.

Do Not Anticipate Unforeseen Disaster
As sophisticated as anything your plan, accident can come at any times. Protect business anticipate various problem which possible arise.

Fond Of To Give Discount
For the shake of taking care of good relationship, do not the woman seldom fond of to give discount. May, but don't become habit so that you can go bankrupt.

Do Not Take Care of All Important Asset : Yourself
Keeping in good health mind and body is important matter to get health physical and good emotional, so that you can look for, managing and enjoying business which you elaborate.

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