Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Woman Tips for Husband to Making Happy Wife

Behavior which ought to be done a husband to his wife.

Moment Meet Wife

After coming home from working, long journey or other activity which separated all of you, smile for her at the same time pray to God for your wife. In case of necessity kiss her cheek then delay your intention to inform news which will not make happy her feel.

Say Good Word

In saying word with Your wife, select words affecting positive and avoid causing negativity. Give attention when you listen her story or utterance, it will make her feel esteemed. Call her with amicable call which taking a fancy to for example "sweet heart, honey, darling, my muffin etc".

Fraternize and Easy Going

Don't too busy with your own business, providing time for relaxing with her. Tell story that can make her happy and always remind her is about beautiful memory with her. In this case don't too serious because it will benumb atmosphere. Don't treat your wife like your subordinate at work.

Game And Entertainment

In order to your domesticity not too boring, alternate your both activity with jokes and improve your sense of humor. Do athletic race and game or others, invite her look on show or entertainment amusement.

Assist her on Domestic Duty

Helping to domestic duty, especially if she is tired or ill.


Accustoming to have deliberation specially to solve family problem. Make her feel, that her opinion is important.

Maintain in Finance

As her husband shall be wise in expending money as according to your ability financial. You may not be stingy to wife with your money and also don't be extravagant.

Taking Care Of Family Secret

Domestic have off colour secret known by others. It means, you don't lay open to your domestic secret information others, like her bad habit, personal problem of your wife, etc.

Assist Your Wife in Adherence to God

One of your responsibility as a husband is you obliged to assist her in adherence to God.

Be Patient and Gentle

Domestic problem is ordinary something in marriage. Which wrong is abundant response and enlarge upon problem till sometime the nuptials tying become crash. Behave wisdom and always think positive.

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