Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Woman : Train Discipline to Child

Punishing child in not just punishing or arranging, but teach and educate child for apply moral value. Several things which it is important to know the parent :

1. Ensuring that good deed get present while ugly deed not get something.
2. Don not excessively prohibit. Excessively prohibit to make a child becoming not the self confidence
3. Clear. Don't give order which the abstraction and illogical word ," don't make angry mommy" that is something abstraction, because child do]not know what making angry his mom.
4. Give belief at child
Child will not expand goodness if non-stoped clamped down on. There is certain moment where we let child try self-supporting and give opportunity to child hold responsible to all his action.
5. Consistence principally is we are
If we wish child bow to order, hence we have to be consistent also to bow to order. We teach child throw away garbage at place, hence anywhere we reside in us have to exemplify to throw away garbage at place.
6. Converse to child in a fair way, do not abusing or screaming child.
They feel will sorrow and very injured, also can influencing and become traumatic even for them till adult.
7. Let child shoulder consequence from his deed.
For example angry child and spill glass of his milk to floor, let child clean of the milk. When child let his toys into peaces in floor and do not want to neaten, hence neaten toys keep in box let child cannot fiddle around with his toy during 1 month. Or if have multiplied times happened let the toys given to reformatory

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