Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Woman with The Story About Love

Woman with The Story About Love

A lot of on file smart in story love
Love arise smart. Love to heal smart. And Love smart itself.
Where story love, hence the smart have never far from her/him.
In love with fulfilling your heart, will breaking your heart and healing heart injured.
And real correct it is true that each every story love, nothing, there is no final making happy. Cause sooner or later even love eternal itself one of the parties will come home in advance leave others in mourn and smart.
Love is blind and the love can open eye.
Fall in love with somebody from tribe differ, different level social or religion, will give experience hurting at one, sooner or later. Fall in love with somebody with view of different sexual from you'd bring smart and knowledge.
The Last but note least, love can make you die but love also can make you wish to stay alive

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