Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Woman with the rule Beauty 1 Beauty All

A woman with the rule Beauty 1 Beauty All

In a dentist clinic, two women sit to await innings. One of them is enquire problem of is way of lessening oil of her hair. Woman interrogated to give unique answer, " Use baby powder.". This suggestion is whispered selfexplanatory by ear. A psychologist which sit not far from them is wonderment. " Hah?, It’s that true?" she said.
See this occurrence, real correct perhaps that it is true the woman do not want to share or prefer to close secret of their beauty. As a result, no more the beauty one beauty all which known as a beautiful circle.
Woman is wise figure which can sift effusing of and submit opinion. Different from man which can’t pay attention to each other, inclusive, do not care with appearance of his friend. In sharing tip beauty, woman prefer to be praised. Sometime rise an unique question when a friend ask secret of our beauty. Taking example " She more beauty than me, so why she ask me about my beauty secret?" There is an attitude each other distrust from each every woman. When you wish to know secret of beauty of somebody or friend, behave heartfelt don't like will transact or let look for information from one who you recognize wisdom and good and also draw in have appearance

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