Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Be Sad - 1

Let's brighten up your day! Give your best spirit to finish your task today. That we should do when we get up every morning.

If you reside in morning don't wait till evening. This is the day you will experience, not a day of yesterday with all kindness and badness, also not a day of tomorrow. Day which in sun shine you is YOUR DAY!

Your age possible omit today, hence Let's say your life spans omit today, thereby you don't waste in time with regret the past and apprehend highly uncertain future.

Don't be sad. Live today without sorrow, worried, enragement, malice and dislike. Fill only with kindliness, easiness, integrity and manful. Promise with yourself :" Today I will tell just any good. Will not say sordid and dirty, inveighing, raging at and gossipping. Today I will finish my work, paying attention to family, take care of my body."

There is no time to remember the past memory, needn't also fiddle around with future fantasy. Assume you only live today, hence inculcate in your mind all especial value and throw away all badness.
Fr. La Tahzan by Dr. Aidh Al-Qarni

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