Thursday, July 24, 2008

Woman with Tip to Released Chewing Gum That Adhered Hair

Whether from where the arrival, suddenly you realized was chewing gum adhered to your hair. Oops!! Could be the big disaster. Don't hurriedly took scissors.

There is how come that could be carried out to release the chewing gum without must damage your hair. Place ice cubes in the pocket of plastic. Stuck continually the ice cubes to chewing gum that adhered on hair. Did continued until chewing gum froze and hardened. Slow broke chewing gum from hair.

If the freezing method of failing, tried to add a little oil without toxic on hair. Like oil kanola or olives. Added in and around affected hair chewing gum let until clinging. Placed oil to hair and chewing gum then let for 20 minutes. Slow removed chewing gum from your hair. Usually chewing gum is free easily. If not succeeding in repeating this process.

Some hair will possibly be broken but not many compared to you must use scissors. After with the oil method, possibly oil was still adhering to hair, washed hair with shampoo.

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